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Selling Safety
What is ContinueOn & What Does it Do?
Extremely Lucrative
Extremely Luctrative

What Continue-On is and What it Does:

Continue-On is a vehicle safety device that is installed inside of the vehicle’s tire around the circumference of the wheel. 


The purpose of a Continue-On safety band is to retain an airless tire to a rotating wheel rather than of having the tire spin off the wheel like a bottle cap.

The deflated tire, held onto the wheel by the presence of the Continue-On safety band, forms a cushion of rubber between the wheel and the road, allowing the driver to maintain control of the vehicle and avoid potentially dangerous situations, such as swerving off the road or veering into opposing traffic, which often occur when a bare metal wheel directly contacts the road.

With the help of Continue-On, a vehicle with a compromised tire can be slowly guided safely to the side of the road or off the freeway and can even be driven up to ten miles on a flat tire.

Safety Sells:

RV purchasers prioritize safety and value the preemptive safety measures offered by Continue-On Drive Flat Bands.


As their journeys often cover vast distances across various challenging terrains such as desolate deserts, isolating mountains, and remote farmlands, RVers know they often face risks like limited cell phone coverage, long delays in emergency roadside assistance, and difficulties finding immediate availability of suitable tires for their vehicles.


Continue-On Drive Flat Bands ease their concern of such potential risks by assuring that they can travel up to 10 miles or at least to the first safe location with a flat tire, thus enhancing their overall RV traveling experience.

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Extremely Lucrative:


The Dealership can expect revenue up to four times the total cost of the Continue-On bands, the installation service, and the warranty.


In addition to being exceptionally profitable when sold, Continue-On is a non-cancellable sale once installed on the customer’s vehicle and thereby negates the possibility of future charge backs.


Additionally, Continue-On’s dependable installation service helps to further ensure this profit by being available within hours of receiving an order to promptly install the product at the dealership’s Southern California locations, the customers home, RV storage, RV park or any customer preferred location in most of Southern California.


Continue-On also further protects the dealer’s profit by offering the industry’s only “Gross-Profit Guarantee” on each Continue-On contract sold. Confidence in the completion of the sale is important to finance and sales managers when offering the Drive Flat Band to your customers.


The “Gross Profit Guarantee” aims to alleviate any concerns that they will ever have to forfeit their commission in the event a sale must be canceled due to compatibility issues with the product.

Continue-On “Gross Profit Guarantee” works as follows.


“In the event that an order must be canceled due to incompatibility between a Continue -On Drive Flat Band and the wheel of an RV model carried by the dealership, Continue-On will take full responsibility for any loss in profit and will issue a credit or cash payment to the dealership for the amount of gross profit expected from that sale.”

Sales Material:

 Sales material such as attention-grabbing artwork displays, floor exhibits, and interactive 3D Models to engage the customer further assists the finance managers to visually demonstrate how the Continue-On bands function and how they will be beneficial, time saving and even lifesaving in the event that a tire becomes deflated.


Wholesale Cost Sheet

Item Description       Sets         Application Example       Part and Installation     Warranty       Total

15" Continue-On            2            Single Axle Towable                         770                           80               850

15" Continue-On            4           Double Axle Towable                        790                           80               870

16" Continue-On            2                     Class C                                     770                           80               850

16" Continue-On            4                   5th Wheel                                  790                           80               870

16" Continue-On            6                  Toy Hauler                                  890                           80               970

19.5" Continue On          2                 Class A Gas                                  770                          80               850

22.5" Continue On         2               Class A Diesel                                790                           80               870

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